Superstar Feelings

by Pluum

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released June 10, 2016

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Cory Bergeron at Pebble Studios
Vocals engineered by Joey Demers
Bonus songs by Frank Daniel Shooflar at Bird Wazo Studio
Album artwork by Xavier Trudeau

Guitar: John
Bass: Alexandre
Vocals: Xavier
Drums: Yann



all rights reserved


Pluum Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Spleen
Come at me. Come and get everything that you left, all the mess left behind. Dirty clothes and dirty memories. Come and take back the bitter taste you left in my mouth.
Track Name: Avarice
Je regarderai toute la journée le soleil monter, éclaircir les forêts, rajeunir l'horizon. Je me vois d'un autre visage, et d'une autre ère. Voir le soleil détruire la routine. Je regarde le monde sans m'y inclure. Sans m'y inclure mais sans chagrin. Tout ça m'est égal. À quoi bon m'accrocher de toute façon. Je compterai tous ceux qui resteront debout. Tout ça m'égal. Et à ce rythme effréné, peu resteront debout. Je ne pourrai jamais m'y inclure, et ne pourrai jamais m'y plaire. Et puis détruire la routine, ne jamais emboiter le pas. Oui tout ça m'est égal. Je ne pourrai m'y plaire, et ne pourrai jamais emboiter le pas.
Track Name: Sanglots
When I saw you through that door, when you shook me to the core. Was it wine or blood on the walls. Your eyes were red as leaves during fall. J'ai tenté de regarder ailleurs. J'ai tenté de respirer plus fort. J'ai tenté d'intervenir plus tôt. J'ai tenté de recueillir tes sanglots.
Track Name: You're Waving at Me (Bonus)
I don't understand every movement of your feet. You keep dancing in the water down the street. You are blue. Slow and cruel. It’s not necessary. My tears turn blue and that's all you do. Turn in circles around me. I’m swollen, unhealthy, and I don’t think I can do this anymore. The sky is clear, but it’s still rainy. I’m a burden, honestly. You’re waving at me, you’re waving in blue. I don't see you. All I see is blue. I’m a burden, honestly. You’re waving at me. You’re waving in blue.
Track Name: Monday (Bonus)
Today is a good day. One of those rare days, where I don’t care at all, not answering your calls. Who’s to blame? Who’s to tame? And I know I was right to kick you out that night.